Missing Or Incorrect

Items in Order Were Missing or Incorrect

We work hard to ensure that your order is correct and reaches you safely and quickly. However, we are aware that these errors may occur when we process your order.

While we certainly understand this is inconvenient for you, the quickest way to return or replace an incorrect item you received is to visit our store. Our return policy makes it easy to correct your order or get a refund for your order.

Incorrect item received

Did you order Product A and received Product B? These errors can happen from time to time and we want to know about them so we can help ensure they don't happen again. Please write to support@heimiu.com or use the "Contact Us"

Missing Item from order

If your order is missing an item, please write to support@heimiu.com to talk to someone who can help you investigate the issue and help resolve it.

Extra items

If your order contains additional items or you have received an order from someone else, please contact us at support@heimiu.com with any information about the item you received.